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Booking Procedure

If you wish to send your fleece to Halifax Spinning Mill for processing please be aware of the following procedures. You may also wish to read through our FAQ's on our contact page.

Fleeces need to have been skirted and any significant veg matter or soiled fleece needs to have been removed. Whilst we appreciate that there is an expected level of waste associated with raw fleece, if fleece requires excessive sorting and more than 10% of your fleece is unsuitable for processing this will incur an additional charge for the work involved. 

The fleece should be placed  securely in a sealed bag and labelled on the inside with the order form, which can be found below. The outside of the bag should be labelled clearly with your Name and number of bags.

Please ensure that you have agreed with us an arrival date for your fleece before you send it to the mill. 

Booking Form

Please complete this booking form and attach to the inside of each fleece bag. We recommend that you keep a copy for yourself also.

Booking Form: Files
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