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How can we add value to your fleece?

At Halifax Spinning Mill Paul has a wealth of experience in making the best out of fibre.

Smaller quantities of fleece (1 fleece upwards) can be used to create slivers for felting and hand spinning. 

If you have a slightly larger quantity of fleece (10kg and upwards) we can create slivers or pencil rovings that are both ideal for felting or hand spinning. 

If you have a minimum of 30kg of raw fleece we can create slivers, pencil rovings or yarns. We are able to create a yarn that meets your particular requirements and Paul is happy to support you in ensuring you get the best out of your fleece. 

Yarn may include single ply, 4 ply weight, DK, Aran and chunky, as well as other specialised yarns that can be discussed based on your personal requirements. We can also blend different fleece types together for shade and quality purposes.

Please see our product gallery to see our portfolio of products and our mill gallery to view the vintage machinery that still produces the highest quality of yarn. 

For more information on pricing please contact us via phone or email for a quote. Please note discounts can be offered for large quantities.

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