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Shed 66

The Old Airfield

Heck and Pollington Lane Pollington


DN14 0BA


Mobile: 07949648938 - please be aware I may not answer calls imminently due to working on heavy machinery, nevertheless please leave a text/email/voicemail and I will call you back asap.

Your Imagination is our Inspiration.
At the mill we have a good range of machinery which enables us produce:
- Batts
- Sliver
- Pencil Rovings

- Yarns to suit your specifications -  you can choose between cones, hanks or balls.

At the mill we are happy to explain your options.

Discounts are available for orders of a larger quantity.
At Halifax Spinning Mill, we are passionate about experimenting with different natural fibres. The story of the mill began 6 years ago, after my fourth redundancy within the textile trade. After seeing the rapid decline of the industry I had worked so closely with since my youth, I took it upon myself to try and make an ever so slight difference in promoting the diminishing trade.

Throughout the journey of the mill, I was introduced to a new paradigm of the industry. I now enjoy working with different fleece from any one of the many different breeds of sheep in the UK. This bares no comparison to the 'white wool' I had previously worked with in commercial mills.

Halifax Spinning Mill prides itself on being a personal service where customers are able to work with the mill in order to create their ideal product.
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